Beach essentials for surfergirls

Beach essentials for surfergirls

14 Essentials to pack with you for a summer wavy day to the beach.

Now that summer has arrived, here are some suggestions on what not to forget when you head out to the beach to enjoy a day of surfing. Keep this list handy next time you pack for the beach! BeachEssentials_31_05_2016_cropped

1- A reusable bottle of water. All of us know how huge is the problem with plastic pollution. We love the sea and it’s so cool we can help mother ocean just refueling it. Also, a good practice: take away 3 founded plastic when leaving the beach. It feels great.

2- Surf wax of course, so essential. Wax well your surfboard for a better surf session.

3- Don’t forget your fins and keys, I use always to tight the fins and check out the leash before to enter in the water.Large_stuff

4- A Clutch bag to carry your fins, wax  and small object. Essential when you have a single fin surfboard.

5- Sunglasses for very cool surfergirls and for protecting your eyes too.

6- Handmade Organic Sunscreen. Here you can find a good recipe for making your own at home. You can use it also for your lips. I always get cracked and sunburned without.Surfboard bag

7- A Surfboard bag made expecially to protect your loved surfboard from the sun and accidental hits. Fede Surfbags  have a leatherette patch to give an extra protection to the nose of your surfboard and a secret pocket where you can hide your car keys. Also you can ask for custom adds. Pretty sweet, he?

8- A one piece swimsuit, the most comfortable swimwear to surf with during summer days. Especially made to avoid to lost your bikini. backpack

9- A beach backpack to carry your towel and essential to the beach. The Nomad Mini Surfbags has a soft cotton rope to carry your essentials light on your shoulder. It’s handmade and hanpainted. Just unique!

10- A towel, I suggest to buy the turkish ones, they are so fast to dry.

11- A hat, to not get too much exposure to the sun on your head.

12- A beautiful poncho, nice and confy also for the evening. I know you will go straight away to get some good food after your fantastic surfing day.

13- Sandals, find some that make you feel without. Win Win!

14- And, of course, BANANAS! & Coconut. Bananas give you some good energy before & after surfing and avoid cramps. Cocunut water is good for hydrating your body. After 3/4 hours spent in the salty water, your body much deserve it.

You don’t need so much else to go, enjoy your surf.


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