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Digital Nomads. Are you doing what you love right now?

Have you ever ask this question to yourself? I did it 1 year ago when I decide to leave my job in the office to start to travel the world while working. I’m still experimenting the result of this choice, it’s a work in progress of my life. Travel definitely makes me more creative and stimulates me to improve. After living in North America and US for a while, today I’m based in Italy, my home country, most of the year except for some rewarding trip during the year for the good of inspiration and my passion for the ocean. Pretty traditional, right? The infographic belove is an illustrated introduction on digital nomads and how they are effecting the way we produce and work in the future. It’s dated 28th of April 2015 and here I will explain how this research is becoming more real through my personal experience.

Digital Nomads poster
Digital Nomads poster

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So who are these digital nomads? usually they are young people, between their 20-40 years old, working in the field of design, software development and enterprise. What they need basically is some money to invest in travel expenses, a computer, high-speed WIFI and a passport. As you know, nowadays working remotly is totally possible thanks to the spread of the internet mostly everywhere. It sounds as an amazing thing but this could bring to isolation and loneliness if you’re doing it just in your confort zone. I mean that working remote from your home could generate the routine that you wanted to leave behind. So you just need a wifi and a computer to connect to the rest of the world also on a top of a mountain.

The interesting part of the change is the nomadic way. While traveling the most I enjoyed was meeting new people, places and experience thing I never done before. Digital nomads are creating community all around the world expecially in developing countries where is more affordable to live. These new work places recreate the travelling experience: the possibility to meet different kind of people in a new place to discover. The big idea is working remotly sharing ideas and getting involved in new experiences with true committment. So the choice to live traveling become a research of happiness in life.

But what happens when your VISA expires? You need to change country and start again and again with more connection of course. And what about those great experiences and ideas if you leave them behind? they just remain ideas or startup. See the example of the young digital nomad hero, Peter Levels, who decides to launch 12 start-up in 12 months. The success of his experience is definetely his gained popularity and his followers on twitter that maybe will buy an another book on “how to become free and rich“. He needs to earn money in some way if neither one of his startup is becoming a business as expected, right?

Digital Nomad Notebook
Digital Nomad Notebook

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In my experience, the big truth about traveling while working is that ” the world is my home” could lead in some cases to focusing on too much things at the same time with the result of confusion. Bytheway the travel experience helps me to understand what I really love: my tradition, my land, family and friends. That’s why today I’m starting my own little italian venture that is connected to my passion for the sea and italian artisan tradition, Fede Surfbags. I know that it will need time to work it out but I’m really committed to spend my time on it. What I truly believe is that we are living now and tomorrow is uncertain, so today we should work on our dream to make them real. My only suggestion is this: find what you love and make it happen! and if you think you need to travel to find it, travel as far as you can.

Mahalo Nui Loa.


Digital Nomads Infographic
Digital Nomads Infographic
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