Stay Wild

"I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found"

It’s been a little while that I’ve start to surf and I always dreamed to self-shape my first surfboard. I’m not a sportsperson and what I like most about surfing it’s to be a temporary guest in the ocean, have the possibility to observe and to learn. During my attempts to surf between a yell, a lucky slide and a “washing machine”, I got so lucky to experience wildlife encounters. Not only the surfers… but also whales, seals, sea otters, turtles, bottom sharks… it’s a big ocean, my friends! And these are the most magic experiences of my entire life. That’s why I developed a brand new design for my self-shape surfboard and made some T-shirts and Poster for sharing the message.It’s all about preserving ocean wildlife. Stay wild!
In September 2014 my dream became real: I shaped my own 5’6” retro fish board in San Diego, California with the help of the awesome crew of Shaper Studio.
To the sea

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