Recco Surf Festival 2016

Recco Surf Festival 2016

The Recco experience from Fede Surfbags eyes. I was so honored to be invited by Blackwave as exhibitor of the third edition of the surf festival in Recco. It was a great day, full of amazing people and surfers. The most of the festival were the people, the spot and the amazing focaccia, of course. We could not missed out also the awesomeness of the spot with surfer girl Vanessa. This is our report. Enjoy!Recco

Vanessa riding in Recco

Recco Surf Festival Fede Surfbags 

Fusing the elegance of retro design with modern, innovative cuts, fresh colors, and contemporary design, Fede Surfbags makes the most lovely surfboard bags and beach accessories, striking the perfect balance between function and style.

surfboard bagVanessa with the Retro Surfbag


Go light on your adventure! Go Fede SurfbagssurfergirlVanessa enjoying Recco waves bagClutch bags made for carrying your essentials to the beach

surfergirlVanessa wearing the Mini Nomad after a perfect post session shower 

surfergirlRetro Surfbag: Crochet detail of the pocket made for carrying your essentials to the beachfe

Me, the human behind Fede Surfbags


We love Recco!

Fede Surfbags is the handcrafted surfboard bags and beach essentials made for the most exigent surfer. SHOP ONLINE

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