How to Tie Dye fabrics: first attempt

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How to Tie Dye fabrics: first attempt

How to Tie Dye fabrics: first attempt

Tie Dye Surfbag. I always liked the idea of having  handmade tie dye fabrics for unique creation. I used to do it when I was in the hippy phase of my teenager years. And now that I discover the shibori technique and its wonderful results I tried it again. And I’m so happy about the result of the  Tie Dye Surfbag, now available in my shop online, that I want to share here the process.

There are millions ways to tie dye fabrics, I tried the simple one with the color bath and the folding technique. I used a dark blue powder for 1Kg of natural cotton fabric to obtain a lighter color. If you want a darker color you should follow carefully the weight instruction of the color you choose.

Tie Dye
Tie Dye Surfbag by Fede Surfbags

What you need:

  • a spacious pot
  • a ladle
  • laces and elastics
  • color powder for fabric ( I used the Deka batik)
  • water
  • sea salt
  • natural soap


First of all I use to prepare the textile for the color bath. This means that I folded the fabrics in different shapes. In the case of the Tie Dye Surfbag I immerse most of the fabric in the color. I folded some, just for the pocket: one piece in a triangle shape and the other in tube shape. For the tube I rolled the piece of fabric (top of the pocket) with laces to obtain light stripes. For the triangle I use just one elastic, but more elastics you use and more white circles you’ll obtain.

Tie Dye
Tie Dye folding techniques by Fede Surfbags
Tie Dye
Tie Dye Gusseted Pocket
by Fede Surfbag

Coloring Process:

I added 5 lt of water for 150 gr of dark blue coloring powder (follow the color instruction for a darker color), 4 table spoon of sea salt to fix the color. I mixed all constantly. Once boiling, I turned off the hob and I immersed the fabric in, mixing for 15 minutes at least. To obtain the grade coloring effect from white canvas to blue, I immersed just one part of the fabric and with the ladle I poured colored water to make irregular shape of grading. Then I immersed the triangle and the tube (folded fabrics) for other 15 minutes.

Tie Dye
Grade effect detail of the Tie Dye Surfbag by Fede Surfbags

Washing and Drying:

After the color bath I washed the fabrics with cold water and natural soap until the water turned clean. After I hanged the fabric to dry in the sun. Once dried I ironed the textile to give an extra fix to the color. All the process was easy to make at home and it will definitely gives your diy project  sea vibes!

Tie Dye
Tie Dye Surfbag made by Fede Surfbags


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